Hi, May I speak with [first name] [last name] please? Hi, [first name] [last name] my name is [Agent Name] how are you doing today? I’m following up on a time-sensitive survey regarding [company name] a new service in your area that will give you up to 90% savings on various daily household and health and wellness needs. 


Well, let me be the first one to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS congratulations Mr. /Ms. [Prospect First Name]  you’ve been approved for the premier starter package; which is the best new members offer and only reserved for specially qualified individuals such as yourself.  My job is to go over the benefits you qualified for. Now [Prospect First Name]  when you were getting qualified did they happen to tell you what kind of rating came back for you? Ok, well you have a four out of five-star rating. This means your eligibility is very good or borderline excellent. This means you have qualified to receive up to 90% savings on various daily household and health and wellness needs. Our company is a fully accredited BBB company with an A+ rating with the BBB that offers a superior time and money-saving service. 




Again my name is [Full Name] and I’m a savings specialist. I wanted to get on the phone personally and explain the benefits of your service today. Our program is designed to save you money and valuable time. Your 14-day free trial will give you the ability to explore our time-saving service. Our service includes searching and locating prescription vouchers, savings on medical equipment, restaurant, and grocery coupons, booking restaurant reservations, researching home contractors, locating reputable car maintenance locations, lower past-due medical bills, birthday reminders, and much much more. Your personal task assistant will work diligently to make your day-to-day life a little easier by helping you save on the out-of-pocket expenses you incur on everyday items. The way it works is very simple when you have a task simply submit it with your personal take assistant either by calling in, emailing or chatting and your personal task assistant will get to work on completing your request.

There is NO CHARGE for the first 14 days, so you have two weeks to try out our program for FREE! The only thing we require is a $4.95 trial activation fee. After 14 days, you will receive all the great savings for ONLY $14.95 per month which includes multiple money savings tasks per month. Not only can you use this for yourself but if a friend or a family member needs something, use it for them as well. This is a one-time investment that will give you a lifetime’s worth of savings. So let’s go ahead and finish up your enrollment and get you saving right away!





Again my name is [Full Name] and I’m a savings specialist that works with LiftGiving*Make sure your customer wrote down your full name and verifies it before proceeding. This will help remind them who they spoke to.


The toll-free customer service number is 1-800-443-0442 and is open Monday through Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm eastern standard time. 


Please confirm your date of birth?


To confirm we have the spelling of your name as [Prospect First Name] [Prospect Last Name] correct?


To confirm we have the spelling of your billing address as…. correct?


To confirm your zip code, city and state are…. correct?


To confirm your phone number is…. correct?


Please verify your email address.




To activate your service today for only $4.95 we can use a card or check by phone. Simply grab the payment method you use most on a daily basis. Let me know when you have it. Thanks. 


*Customer comes back on the line.


Now would you be using a check or card today?


*Check Payment Instructions


Now you are going to fill out this check and keep it for your records. First off can you please look up in the upper-righthand corner of your check and read me the check number? 


Next, on the pay to the order line, I want you to write LiftGiving at 1-800-443-0442.


Moving forward can you please look at the bottom lefthand corner of your check. You are going to see a line and two dots. After the two dots, you will see a set of nine numbers beginning with either a 0,1,2 or 3. These numbers are known as your routing number. Can you please repeat those numbers back to me moving from the left to right slowly? Thanks. 


On the memo line, I want you to write in my name which is spelled [Full Name]. After my name please write in customer specialist. 


Now looking back down at the bottom of your check. I need you to repeat the next set of numbers after your routing number. These numbers are known as your member number. Can you please repeat those numbers back to me moving from the left to right slowly? Thanks.



*Card Payment Instructions.


Lovely, can you please verify the sixteen-digit account number beginning with a [4, 5, 3, or 6011].


Please verify the expiration date on the front of your card?


Lastly, please turn the card over and verify the three-digit CVV code located in the signature strip?




Congratulations [Prospect First Name] on activating the benefits of your LiftGiving trial today! On a scale of one through ten with ten being the highest how would you rate your confidence in today’s enrollment?


I‘m going to read a brief disclosure just to make sure we are all on the same page. 


1) You DO UNDERSTAND this is a service that will help you save time and money correct? (Wait for yes before continuing.)


2) Now [first name] you have chosen to activate your risk-free week trial for only $4.95 today on (insert sign-up date) correct? (Wait for yes.)


3) You do understand once your risk-free trial is up your service will renew and you will be automatically billed in the amount of $14.95 correct? (Wait for yes before continuing.)


4) The charge will appear as LiftGiving18004430442 on your billing statement. Again, the charge will appear as

LiftGiving18004430442 on your billing statement. Can you please repeat what will show up on your billing statement?


5) If you have ANY questions or billing concerns you can call and speak to one of our friendly customer support specialists at [toll-free number]. Customer support is only available Monday through Sunday from 9 am est until 6 pm est. Can you please repeat the customer service hours of operation back to me?


6) In order for the verification process to run smoothly please wait until the verifier finishes speaking and give clear answers to any questions the verifier might ask. 


7) I want to ensure all of your questions are answered prior to being transferred over to verification. So, do you have any more questions before I transfer you to the verification agent? 


Well [First Name] on behalf of myself and LiftGiving it’s been a true pleasure in speaking with you today. Please hold while I transfer you to verification. Thank you.




      1. Place line one ON HOLD. 

      2. Click DIAL

      3. Select LiftGiving verification.

      4. Take line one OFF hold and mute your headset. There is no need for a warm introduction.

      5. Stay on with verification until the end. Once the verification process is finished disconnect and disposition the call as HIT and confirm.