Hello and good morning/afternoon may I speak to Mr. /Ms. [Prospect First Name]? Hey [Prospect First Name] my name is [Full Name], and I am calling on behalf of Health Services. [Prospect First Name] the reason you received this reminder call today is that we’ve sent you a survey about a month ago to determine if you and your household were eligible to receive 10% TO 75% off prescriptions, doctor visits, hearing, vision, and dental. Now, not everybody is able to qualify for this unique offer [Prospect First Name] but we wanted to give you an opportunity to try and that’s why we called you today. So let’s get you qualified. 



The premier all-inclusive plan which will save you up to 75% on medical and dental needs is the best program we offer. If you qualify you will be eligible for a FREE TRIAL. Isn’t that GREAT?  *GET A YES FROM THE PROSPECT!


OK, we’re finished; let me submit this and it’s going to take about 30 seconds to see if you DO qualify. Please hold for just one moment……


1) Place prospect on hold.


2) Click submit on the form.


3) Blind transfer prospect to closer.


4) Hang up and disposition the call.