Hi, may I speak with [first name] [last name] please? Hi, [first name][last name] my name is [agent name] and I’m following up on a recommendation that came across my desk regarding a Mobile Protection Unit. How are you doing today? This call is being recorded for quality.

Well, The way your new system works is simple. If you or a family member has an emergency of any kind, BIG or small simply push the button on a lightweight waterproof necklace or bracelet and speak hands-free from anywhere in the home to a live UL certified protection operator.

Our protection operators work in a BBB A+ Rated UL-Listed center which means they are very best at what they do. They will immediately get help to you regardless of what type of emergency with an average response time is under 30 seconds which is the BEST in the Nation! If you suffer from a fall, a break-in, a fire even a seizure you can be assured our protection units are the highest rated on the market and will protect you in your home or on the go.

We are the BEST at keeping you safe. You’re also guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 100% customer support. You can see the benefit of having this protection at home, right!? (WAIT FOR YES)

As you know, often it is very expensive to buy a unit like this and then try to pay a monthly service, so we make this as easy as you’re ever going to see it. You are not required to purchase the unit, the pendant, or bracelet. We ship it right to your home for FREE. The only thing we ask for in return is that you maintain the monitoring monthly, so you are protected 24/7. Today you qualify for the lowest discounted rate, which is only $39.95 or higher per month. That’s about a dollar a day or the price of a cup of coffee, you can’t beat that, and of course, there is no sales tax!

For getting started today, we will WAIVE the Shipping & Activation Fee, that’s a savings of over $150! Combined that with the value of your FREE unit you save a GRAND TOTAL of $300! As a BONUS you will receive VIP priority shipping.

Last but not least you have qualified for a NO CONTRACT offer. This means if for any reason you do not like the service you can call to cancel and receive a refund. Just like Pinocchio, there are no strings attached. For the record, if you do cancel you will have to send the unit back. But, I got a pretty good feeling you’re going to be one of my lifetime customers.

Please grab a pen and paper I have some very important information for you to write down. I’ll hold while you grab it. 

First off my name is [agent name] and I’m a savings specialist with [company name].


Now please write down our customer service number which is [customer service number]. Customer service is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm eastern standard time. 

Something just came up. For getting protected today you have automatically activated a free trial liftgiving.com for only a buck today. You will save time and money on an array of tasks, products, and services. 


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