Hi, May I speak with [first name] [last name] please? Hi, [first name] [last name] my name is [Agent Name] how are you doing today? I’m following up on a time-sensitive referral regarding [company name] a new service in your area that will give you up to 65% savings on various medical needs.

Just to let you know, your packet will arrive within a few weeks. Included will be your welcome letter and savings cards.

We will assist you and your entire household in finding savings on essential items such as generic and name-brand prescriptions, diabetic supplies, vision needs, various medical equipment, and much more. 

As a bonus, you will receive a FREE prescription discount card that will give your household up to 75% savings on generic and name-brand prescriptions. Your card is accepted by friendly and familiar neighborhood retailers such as Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, and many more! Our FREE prescription card has been awarded the highest rating by the BBB. Since our service is new to your area you have qualified to try it out risk-free.

You don’t have to wait until you receive your welcome packet to use your service. You can access all features simply by contacting customer support. 

Now to immediately activate your risk-free week trial the only thing we require today is a small trial activation charge of only $4.95 today. Once your risk-free trial ends your savings renew for less than a DOLLAR A DAY at $24.95 per month. You will also enjoy with your All-Inclusive plan priority U.S.-based customer service, FREE expedited shipping on any items. Again, this is a no-risk trial and I’m confident you will benefit greatly.

Please grab a pen and paper I have some very important information for you to write down. I’ll hold it while you grab it. 

First off my name is [Agent Full Name] and I’m a savings specialist with Urgent Health. *Make sure your customer wrote down your full name and verifies it before proceeding. This will help remind them who they spoke to.

Our toll-free customer service number is [toll-free number] and we are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm eastern standard time. 

*Assume the sale and start filling in the order form. You always want to be closing. 

Please confirm your date of birth?


To confirm we have the spelling of your name as [first name] [last name] correct?


To confirm we have the spelling of your billing address as…. correct?


To confirm your zip code, city and state are…. correct?


To confirm your phone number is…. correct?


Please verify your email address.

To activate your service with the initial $4.95 today we can use a card or check by phone. Which one will you be using today? 


Lovely, can you please verify the sixteen-digit account number beginning with a [4, 5, 3, or 6011].


Please verify the expiration date on the front of your card?


Lastly, please turn the card over and verify the three-digit CVV code located in the signature strip?


Card Type Validator

On a scale of one through ten with ten being the highest how would you rate your confidence in today’s enrollment?



Congratulations [first name] on your $4.95 charge going through without any problems. Keep in mind that we have agents worldwide that work remotely due to the covid 19 outbreak. I’m sure you understand we can’t all work in a bubble. I’m going to read a brief disclosure just to make sure we are all on the same page. 

1) You DO UNDERSTAND this is NOT insurance but a savings service that will help you save money correct? (Wait for yes before continuing.)

2) Now [first name] you have chosen to activate your risk-free week trial for only $4.95 today on (insert sign-up date) correct? (Wait for yes.)

3) You do understand once your risk-free week trial is up your service will renew and you will be automatically billed for less than a dollar in the amount of $24.95 correct? (Wait for yes before continuing.)

4) The charge will appear as UrgentHealth8777991844 on your billing statement. Again, the charge will appear as UrgentHealth8777991844 on your billing statement.  Can you please repeat what will show up on your billing statement?

5) If you have ANY questions or billing concerns you can call and speak to one of our friendly customer support specialists at [toll-free number]. Customer support is only available Monday through Friday from 9 am est until 6 pm est. Can you please repeat the customer service hours of operation back to me?

6) In order for the verification process to run smoothly please wait until the verifier finishes speaking and give clear answers to any questions the verifier might ask. 

7) I want to ensure all of your questions are answered prior to being transferred over to verification. So, do you have any more questions before I transfer you to the verification agent? 

Well [first name] on behalf of myself and [company name] it’s been a true pleasure in speaking with you today. Please hold while I transfer you to verification. Thank you.


      1. Place line one ON HOLD. 

      2. Click DIAL

      3. Select Urgent Health verification.

      4. Take line one OFF hold and mute your headset. There is no need for a warm introduction.

      5. Stay on with verification until the end. Once the verification process is finished disconnect and disposition the call as HIT and confirm.