Hi, May I speak with [first name] [last name] please? Hi, [first name] [last name] my name is [Agent Name] how are you doing today? I’m following up on a time-sensitive referral that was placed on your behalf, regarding Urgent Health’s new service in your area that will give you up to 65% savings on various medical needs.

Just to let you know, your packet will arrive within 14 business days. Included will be your medical savings brochure customer identification number. Your medical savings brochure will list all categories in which you will see savings.

Categories include but are not limited to are generic and name brand prescriptions, diabetic supplies, various medical equipment, and much more. We will also assist you in helping to negotiate lower medical bill debt.

This service covers you and your entire household. As a bonus, you will receive a FREE prescription discount card that will give your household up to 75% savings on generic and name brand prescriptions. Your card is accepted by friendly and familiar neighborhood retailers such as Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, and many more! Our FREE prescription card has been awarded the highest rating by the BBB. Since our service is new to your area you have qualified for a FREE trial.

There is no cost to you for your FREE week trial however the only thing we require today is an activation fee of only $4.95 today. Once your trial ends your savings renew for about a DOLLAR A DAY at $29.95 per month. You will also enjoy with your All-Inclusive plan priority U.S. based customer service, FREE expedited shipping on any items, and a virtual task assistant to ensure get the very best service. Again this is a no-risk trial and I’m confident you will benefit greatly.

Please grab a pen and paper I have some very important information for you to write down. I’ll hold while you grab it. 

First off my name is [Agent Name] and I’m a savings specialist with Urgent Health.


Our toll-free customer service number is 1-877-799-1844 and we are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm eastern standard time. 

*Assume the sale and start filling in the order form. You always want to be closing. 

To confirm we have the spelling of your name as [first name] [last name] correct?


To confirm we have the spelling of your billing address as…. correct?


To confirm your zip code, city and state are…. correct?


To confirm your phone number is…. correct?


Ok great! Please verify how your name appears on your card?


*If there is no objection move past the objection workflow and common objections section.

Objection Flowchart Section

I Can't Afford It Flowchart I'm Nervous Over The Phone Flowchart

Common Objections Section

I Can't Afford It Consumer ProtectionPre-AuthorizationWhat's Dental


How Does it WorkI Have InsuranceCan I CancelCan I CancelCreate Urgency


Now, would you be using a visa or master card today to activate your trial?


Lovely, can you please verify the sixteen-digit account number beginning with a [VISA 4 or Mastercard 5].


Please verify the expiration date on the front of your card?


Lastly, please turn the card over and verify the three-digit CVV code located in the signature strip?



Card Type Validator

On a scale one through ten with ten being the highest how would you rate your confidence in today’s enrollment?



I know we have been speaking for some time. There is only one more step before I transfer you to the short automated verification process.

1) Now [first name] You have chosen to activate your risk-free weekly trial for only $4.95 today correct? (Wait for yes.)

2) You DO UNDERSTAND this is NOT insurance but a savings service that will help you save money correct? (Wait for yes before continuing.)

3) You do understand if you choose to maintain your service past the risk-free trial period your service will renew for $29.95 per month correct? (Wait for yes before continuing.)

4) The words Urgent Health will appear on your billing statement. Again, the words Urgent Health will appear on your billing statement. Can you please repeat what will show up on your billing statement? 

5) When you need assistance in saving money simply call 1-877-799-1844 and speak to one of our friendly customer support specialists. Can you please repeat the customer service number and hours of operation back to me?

6) If you have ANY questions or billing concerns you can call and speak to one of our friendly customer support specialists at 1-877-799-1844. Customer support is only available Monday through Friday from 9 am est until 6 pm est. Can you please repeat the customer service hours of operation back to me?

7) Do you have any more questions before I transfer you to verification?

Well [first name] on behalf of myself and Urgent Health it’s been a true pleasure in speaking with you today. Please hold while I transfer you to the automated verification process. Thank you.



  1. Click BLIND TRANSFER. Make sure the customer is NOT on hold.


  2. Select Urgent Health verification.


  3. Line two will turn green. Don’t do anything just wait. The call will disconnect on its own.


  4. After the call disconnects and transfers disposition the call as HIT and confirm.